Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the website in beta currently?

We want to be able to serve our customers well. With the beta version of the website we will be able to understand the areas which will need improvements and what resources we will require to do the same. On the web front we will also be able to assess our website in a live environment and find any glitches to be rectified.

Can I book venues from the website itself?

Currently we do not have this feature on the website.

Do i have to pay for any of the features on the website?

The current features of the website are completely free of cost for the website users. In an event an individual or a corporate entity engages for our services, we may charge fees which would be agreed upon by both parties.

Can I get the exact availability of a venue on the website?

Currently we do have this feature on the website but are working upon to find the best solution where we will try to provide you availability in real time. Till we figure that, just drop in an enquiry with your preferred dates and we will get back to you if the venue is available on that particular date within 24 hrs.

Why haven’t you guys mentioned price on the venue profile pages?

We do not mention pricing on the profile pages of the venues though you can filer your search results based on a rough price range. The price filter is a rough range and should not be considered sacrosanct. Pricing strategies of venues keep modifying based on the demand supply principle and more often than not it is also based on the deal a particular customer strikes with the venue. We do not get involved in the price negotiations and are mere facilitators. Hence, prices are not mentioned. Further it is easier to get the most updated price once you drop an enquiry with us. We get in touch with the venue/s you are interested in for you and get back with an update on the availability and latest price. We will even fix an appointment on behalf of you with the venue.